Overview of the Development of the Methyl Ethyl Ketone Industry

The English abbreviation of methyl ethyl ketone is MEK. The chemical MEK has the characteristics of good solubility, fast volatilization, stability and low toxicity. It is a colorless, flammable and transparent liquid with excellent performance. It is a widely used organic solvent and fine chemical raw material, which is also called ethyl ketone and butanone. It is one of the types of compounds in organic chemistry.

1. The competition pattern of the global methyl ethyl ketone market

The number of global MEK production manufacturers is relatively small, and the companies with larger production scales are generally large-scale fine chemical companies. Although the market competition for low- and mid-end methyl ethyl ketone products is fierce, the high market concentration makes the methyl ethyl ketone industry relatively rational in competition, and the bargaining power and cost-passing power of major companies are relatively strong. In addition, methyl ethyl ketone is mainly used in coatings and adhesives. From the perspective of the main end consumer areas, handicrafts such as the leather and shoe industries are gradually shifting to Southeast Asia, India, South Korea and other places, and the foreign market potential is huge. As a leader in the methyl ethyl ketone industry, the company has high quality methyl ethyl ketone for sale. We increase its expansion in foreign markets, and the proportion of product exports has also increased year by year.

2. The competition pattern of methyl ethyl ketone market in China

Companies in the methyl ethyl ketone industry operate independently in the market and have fully achieved market-oriented competition. However, the demand for methyl ethyl ketone products in China is relatively strong, and the overall competition in the industry is relatively low; The market demand for high-end methyl ethyl ketone products in China is mostly met by several leading enterprises including our company and imports.

From the perspective of the development history of the methyl ethyl ketone industry in recent years, there has been an overall oversupply situation. However, due to the high concentration of the industry and the increase in exports, companies' profitability on the methyl ethyl ketone is at the upper-middle level among the chemical niche products.

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