Production Process of Methyl Ethyl Ketone

1. Brief description of the process of methyl ethyl ketone

The total production process of methyl ethyl ketone can be divided into two parts: sec-butanol synthesis and refining; methyl ethyl ketone synthesis and refining.

Synthesis and refining of sec-butanol: The n-butene from the C4 separation section is heated and pressurized, and under the action of a catalyst, it reacts with water to form sec-butanol. At the same time, there are by-products such as tert-butanol, sec-butyl ether and heavy substances. After a series of separation and refining processes, sec-butanol with a purity of 99.0 wt% is obtained.

Synthesis and refining of mek methyl ethyl ketone: 99.0wt% of sec-butanol from the synthesis and refining section of sec-butanol is dehydrogenated by high-temperature catalytic reaction to generate methyl ethyl ketone and hydrogen. At the same time, there are by-products such as heavy ketones, water and unreacted sec-butanol. After separation and purification, a methyl ethyl ketone product with a purity of 99.7% by weight is obtained, and the unreacted sec-butanol is returned to the sec-butanol synthesis for recycling.

2. Process flow of methyl ethyl ketone

Based on its chemical properties, the producers of methyl ethyl ketone use it to many chemical agents.

(1) Butene concentration section: extract the n-butene from the mixed carbon four raw material from the liquefied hydrocarbon tank area, and use the extractive distillation method to separate the n-butene from butane, isobutene and other components, and use The concentration of n-butene in the work section reaches more than 96%.

(2) SBA synthesis section: the butene-concentrated n-butene is directly reacted with process water to generate SBA, while the crude SBA is separated to separate the unreacted n-butene, and the SBA is sent to the refining section.  

(3) SBA refining section: When sec-butanol is synthesized by butene hydration, a small amount of sec-butyl ether, tert-butanol and heavy substances are also by-produced. In this section, the crude sec-butanol sent from the sec-butanol synthesis section is refined to remove these impurities, and the qualified raw materials are delivered to the methyl ethyl ketone section.  

(4) MEK synthesis and refining section: This section is divided into two parts: SBA dehydrogenation and methyl ethyl ketone refining. The purpose of SBA dehydrogenation is to produce crude MEK by dehydrogenation reaction of SBA sent from the SBA refining section. The purpose of MEK refining is to separate and purify MEK from reaction by-products and unreacted SBA fractions to produce qualified MEK products and send them to the finished product tank area.

(5) Buffer recovery and inner pipe gallery: Carry out the overall planning of the public works involved in the main device of this project, and at the same time collect and process the air of the device, use the steam condensate of the device to produce hot water and supply the heat tracing and heating of the process pipeline in the device. heating.

(6) Process water regeneration section: Process the circulating process water in the SBA synthesis section to remove SO42- and Cl-, and then send it back to the SBA synthesis section after the treatment is qualified.

(7) Heat medium section: The methyl ethyl ketone heat medium section provides qualified process heating heat source for the main production device.

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