What Are the Uses of Butanone?

What are the uses of butanone? Let us find out together.

1. The butanone uses include that: it is used as the solvent for cellulose acetate, acrylic resin, alkyd resin, paint, ink, etc., as the binder for dyes, as the dewaxing agent for lubricants, and as the vulcanization accelerator.

2. The butanone uses include that: it is used as the reagent for the determination of cadmium, copper and mercury, as the standard material for chromatographic analysis and as the solvent for semiconductor photolithography.

3. The butanone is mainly used as a solvent, such as in the dewaxing of lubricating oil, in the paint industry and various resin solvents, in the vegetable oil extraction process and the azeotropic distillation of refining process. Its advantages are strong solubility and lower volatility than acetone. It is a ketone solvent with a medium boiling point. The butanone is also an intermediate for the preparation of medicines, dyes, detergents, perfumes, antioxidants and certain catalysts. It is used to make the anti-peeling agent methyl ethyl ketoxime, polymerization catalyst methyl ethyl ketone peroxide, corrosion inhibitor methylparafynol, etc., and used in the electronics industry as a developer for integrated circuit lithography.

4. The butanone is one of the types of compounds in organic chemistry, and the raw material for preparing the acaricide tebufenpyrad.

5. The butanone is a raw material for organic synthesis and can be used as a solvent. The butanone is used as a dewaxing agent for lubricating oil in the oil refining industry. It is also used in medicine, coatings, dyes, detergents, perfumes and electronics industries. The butanone can be the solvent for liquid inks. It is used in the manufacture of nail polish in cosmetics. As the solvent with a low boiling point, it can reduce the viscosity of nail polish and has quick-drying properties.

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