What is Acrylic Acid?

Acrylic acid resin is the copolymer that is compounded with main materials of vinyl monomer like acrylic acid, methacrylate, and styrene.

Because of its excellent universality, and its rapid development, acrylic acid resin ranks the second to alkyd resin coating in production. And the waterborne acrylic acid is the fastest growing and most varieties pollution-free coating.

Acrylic acid has various kinds and categories and acrylic acid applications are very extensive. The following information is shared by acrylic acid manufacturers about its excellent functions and wide uses in the application of coating.

1. Oily acrylic acid resin

Oily liquid acrylic acid resin comes out through emulsion polymerization with organic solvent and resin whose solid content is 30 to 80 percent.

When the content reaches over 60 percent, the resin is called high-solid acrylic acid resin has low viscosity and low content of VOC.

When the content reaches around 50 percent, the thermoplastic and thermoset acrylic comes into being, that is the single component and bi-component, the commonly name we use in the application of coating industry.

Oily solid acrylic acid resin mainly refers to the thermoplastic solid acrylic acid resin, which is also called the solvent solid acrylic acid resin.

Oily solid acrylic acid resin is generally dissloved in the solvent like the benneze class, esters, ketone, chlorinated class, ethers and alcohols. The commonly grade is composed of MMA and BMA.

The performance of the resin is generally determined by the performance of the formulation raw materials of the monomers in the production process. Because the glass transition temperature of the monomer synthesized from the methacrylate monomer is higher, when the synthesized monomer is all made of MMA, the hardness is very high, and the organic glass can be synthesized.

While the common acrylate generally is compounded in different proportions with MMA and BMA. Because the TG of common glass is between 50 and 100, the softening point between 150 and 200, it has wide applications in uses.

2. Waterborne Acrylic acid resin

Waterborne liquid acrylic acid resin has lower TG and reacts with most no-methyl acrylate mononers, so it is well applied in the field of papermaking and leather industry.

Pure acrylate reacts and generates pure acrylic emulsion, and those acrylate applies largely in the building coating with large market shares.

Waterborne solid acrylate is mainly applied in the paper gloss oil, printing ink, plastic paint and so on. If its problem of adhesive force is solved, its future market is prosperous.

3. UV light curing acrylic acid resin

Pure UV acrylate includes reactive diluent, so it is necessary to add UV absorber and other materials when coating. And add reactive diluent once more to prepare the coating.

Acrylate which has been diluted by reactive diluent can be divided into epoxy acrylate, polyester acrylate and polyurethane acrylate oligomerry according to raw materials.

4. Solid acrylic acid resin for powder coating

Solid acrylic acid resin for powder coating could be divided into hydroxyl acrylic acid resin, carboxyl acrylic acid resin, glycine acrylic acid resin, acyl amino acrylic acid resin according to its curing agent.

Shrinkable glyceryl acrylic resin is the most applied resin, and it can formate film with curing agents like multiple hydroxyl acid, polyamine, polyhydric alcohols, multiple hydroxyl resin and hydroxyl polyester resin.

Because of the high price, generally manufacturers intend to make the special matt powder coating.

Hydroxyl acrylic resin, carbonyl acrylic resin, acylamino acrylic resin and the likeness are acrylate with various perssad. And epoxy, polyester, amino and the similar acrylate in those realms are not deemed as pure acrylate.

5. Development trend of acrylic acid resin

Acrylic acid resin is an important film forming matter in the coating industry, and its future development will accelerates rapidly. As a professional Chinese acrylic acid aa supplier, Douwin has high quality acrylic acid for sale.

And it will be paid heavy intention to the study, discovery, production and applications of waterborne acrylate including the type of emulsion and water diluentable. It is necessary to enhance the study of core-shell structure and interchange network of emulsion.

High-solid acrylate and acrylate for powder coating will have a certain portion of market share.

Meanwhile, fluorine acrylate, modification of silicon monomer acrylate, modification of epoxy resin acrylate and modification of alkyd resin acrylate will be further promoted in the high-end and special fields.

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