Is the Resin Tooth Made of MMA Methacrylate Harmful to Human Body?

The resin teeth are made of MMA methacrylate. Mma methacrylate is toxic to the human body. Are resin teeth harmful to the human body?

1. MMA methacrylate monomer has certain toxicity to human body

MMA methacrylate, chemical formula is C5H8O2, chemical formula weight is 100.12, is an organic compound, also known as MMA, abbreviated as methyl ester. It is an important organic chemical compound raw material and a monomer for the production of transparent plastic polymethyl methacrylate (plexiglass, PMMA). It is flaMMAble, has a strong pungent odor, and is moderately toxic. Long-term contact with it should be avoided.

2. Poly methyl methacrylate in dentistry

Methyl methacrylate application is very extensive. After dental filling with methyl methacrylate, it is cured by ultraviolet light or heating to form its high polymer PMMA, which is a solid resin commonly known as "acryl" commonly used for advertising and decoration on the outside. PMMA after becoming a polymer has no effect on the human body. Toxic and harmless, it is a commonly used thermoplastic with both hardness and toughness-many common examples around us, such as styrene causing carcinogenesis, but its high polymer PS (polystyrene) is a common material for many accessories and glasses cases ; Formaldehyde is like Leiguaner, its high polymer POM (polyoxymethylene) is an indispensable high-strength plastic for many national defense industries and mechanical equipment. Now high-end computer game keyboards also use POM as a good choice for entertainment. Some people will be frightened and think that they are touching formaldehyde every day!

There are many such things. Friends who have no knowledge of organic chemistry will further associate themselves when they see some daunting words. In fact, most high-molecular polymers are adaptable to the human body. Dental amalgam has been used for a long time. Alloys are used as metal filling materials. Many dental patients are living in good health until now. They are not worried about mercury, which is considered to be highly toxic. This is also the charm of chemistry — monomers and polymers are completely two different Kinds of chemicals, there is no connection between them.

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